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How a tornado ripped through Louisiana’s state fair

September 9, 2021 Comments Off on How a tornado ripped through Louisiana’s state fair By admin

The storm, dubbed the “Frankenstein” storm, destroyed a fair in the Gulf of Mexico and caused extensive damage to the fairgrounds.

Officials said the fair was open for business on Sunday, but a spokesperson for the Louisiana State Fair, the Louisiana Agricultural Fair Association, and the fair’s owner said in a statement the fair is closed because of the storm.

“The fair is experiencing some disruption and is currently experiencing power outages.

We are working to restore as quickly as possible as our power system continues to restore,” the statement said.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, a Republican, tweeted that “we all have the power to do better.”

The Fair, which opened in 1890 and is located in downtown Baton Rouge, is one of the largest in the United States and one of only two fairs in the country that offer an array of exhibits and events.

In addition to the tornado, the fair suffered damage to an adjacent structure.

Fairgoers, including a woman who was among those hurt, were taken to hospitals.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said she was in a wheelchair after being hit by debris from a truck that hit the fair grounds.

The storm brought down trees, power lines, roofs, and debris from the fair.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Tulsa Mayor Kevin Johnson said the storm destroyed everything that could be done at the city’s largest fairgrounds, the Biltmore Resort.

Johnson, who was in the state capital for the fair, said the Fair had reopened about two hours after the tornado struck.

He said that in the past several weeks, the city had been trying to restore the fair to a normal state, but he said that wasn’t happening Sunday.

Officials were assessing the damage in the city and said there were a number of reports of people getting hurt.

This is just the beginning of the recovery process,” Johnson said.”

Johnson said that although the city is now open, he expects that the fair will be open for the next few days. “

We still have a lot of work to do.”

Johnson said that although the city is now open, he expects that the fair will be open for the next few days.

During a news conference at the Fairgrounds, Mayor Kevin Miller said that “no one should have to leave their home to go to a fair.”

He said the city was prepared to reopen for fairgoers if the storm made it that far.

Some people were seen being treated in the fairs emergency medical facilities and a number were treated in hospitals, according to local media.

Other states have faced similar storms and are still open for fairs, such as Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma City, and San Antonio.

Biden, who served as vice president during the hurricane, said in an interview that the Fair is a “very special place” and that “it’s been a very tough time” for his wife, Jill Biden, and their three children.

It’s been the hardest, and for my family it’s been one of those times when we’ve been very lucky.

He said that his wife and the family have been “working around the clock” to help restore the Fair.

Earlier, Biden said that the state fair was still open.

As we get ready for the Fair, I’m not going to be able to do everything I would want to do in this time, he said during a news briefing.

“There is no question that this is a tough time for the city of Baton Rouge.”

Bidens youngest son, Ben, was not at the fair Sunday.

He was treated at a hospital for injuries sustained during the storm, according the family.

On Sunday, the family said it was going to hold a funeral service for Ben.

A family friend, Dwayne McEwen, told the Associated Press that he was a “close friend” of Ben Biden.

He told the AP that Ben and his family “were so overwhelmed by the loss of their loved ones” that they were “unable to think about it in any other way.”

He told the paper that they have a “terrible sadness” that Ben was gone.

McEwen said that he did not know the exact number of people who were hurt, but that he believed the damage was substantial.

His brother told ABC News that his brother was “a great man, always doing good for people.”

A spokesperson for Biltpies, the Fair’s concessionaire, told ABC affiliate WWL-TV that the company is “still working to get through the damage to our building and our equipment.”

During the storm in Texas, people who worked at the state Fair said they were ordered to stay home.

People at the Louisiana state fair were ordered out of the fair after a tornado struck during the fair in Baton Rouge.

A storm has torn through the fairground in the southern part of the state

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How to turn a science fair idea into a business plan

June 12, 2021 Comments Off on How to turn a science fair idea into a business plan By admin

Fairness definition Fairness is the idea that people who don’t share their values should not be able to participate in the process of creating or making an impact on society.

Fairness means that people should be able and should not feel that they have to conform to the rules of the society they live in or that others must.

It is a goal that is shared by almost all of the world’s major religions and cultures.

It means that those who have less than the best of things are expected to act like trash.

It also means that if a group of people is less than equally deserving, they should be treated equally.

That is what the concept of fairness is about.

There are a number of ways to achieve this.

One common way to achieve fairness, is to provide fair access to information, resources, and services.

In the United States, many public schools provide free access to textbooks, computer labs, and even some of the internet to students, while the government does not.

This can help schools be more inclusive and encourage more students to participate and learn in the community.

Fair access to educational resources and services is important to achieving fair outcomes in education.

In Australia, for example, the Government has a national Fair Access Policy and Fair Access Network, which aims to achieve a fair and equal distribution of educational resources to all Australians.

This includes all students, parents, teachers, and staff, with equal access to all resources, including computer labs and internet access.

Another way to ensure fairness is to ensure that students are offered equal opportunities to achieve their goals.

In India, the Ministry of Education and Training has set up a National Fair Access Framework that aims to help schools achieve fair outcomes.

The National Fair Education Programme in India also has a set of goals that students, teachers and parents can work towards to achieve fairness in education: a school environment that is free from discrimination and intolerance, inclusive of all students and their diverse backgrounds, and which supports students’ academic success and learning.

A fair education is a fair education and a fair society.

It requires that every child has access to education, including those who need it most.

This is particularly important for young children who are already disadvantaged in school.

It can be challenging to implement a fair educational environment when there is no data on the impact of education on the achievement of young children, but the results are there.

In Canada, a number new national Fair Education Standards have been set for schools and parents.

These new standards will guide and support the implementation of fair education for students and parents by improving the quality and availability of educational materials and support services.

The Fair Education Framework in Canada is a national program and was announced in 2014 by the Minister of Education, Science and Innovation.

The Framework is based on recommendations from the National Commission on the Quality and Availability of Educational Materials and Support Services and other expert bodies.

This National Fair education plan is supported by the Department of Education in partnership with the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

In 2017, the Minister also established a national pilot project to increase access to higher education for disadvantaged students.

The pilot project aims to provide students in primary schools and other schools with access to up to two hours of free access every week to educational materials, computer lab, and internet.

This pilot project is funded by the government through the Ontario Public School Education Fund and is being piloted across Ontario and Canada.

This plan is also supported by provincial governments, and by the federal government.

It provides support to students and families who are currently disadvantaged in the classroom.

It does not provide financial assistance to students or families who have been denied access to school.

This model will ensure that the quality of education is maintained in primary and secondary education for all students.

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