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I want to write a book about fairytales, but I need to do it in Spanish.

August 17, 2021 Comments Off on I want to write a book about fairytales, but I need to do it in Spanish. By admin

A couple of months ago, my friend and I took a trip to Spain to read the fairytale fairies in Santa Maria de la Nieves, a medieval castle in the Basque region.

We saw that the fairies had created a castle for their family, and that the castle was inhabited by fairies themselves.

They were also very fond of each other, so we decided to take a tour of the castle, visit the fairy gardens, and meet the fairie queen. 

We were so impressed with the castle that we decided that we should try to write one.

We started brainstorming ideas for fairytal stories and we found a book that would capture the spirit of fairytalia, but with a little bit of Spanish flair. 

This book is called A Cucurbita de los Fairytales. 

It is a short, sweet book with a lot of love for the fairy characters, as well as some fun illustrations.

It has a beautiful layout, a good number of illustrations, and a strong and distinctive Spanish language. 

The author, Lourdes Espinosa, was born in Spain and spent her childhood in the United States.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University at San Marcos and her Master of Arts in English literature from Santa Clara University. 

You can read her book about the fairylights in Spanish, and find out more about the author here. 

If you’re in the market for a gift for the holidays, here are some ideas: a gift for a fairytaler: A Cuca de los Hombres  (A Cucu de los Huomás)  This short story collection includes stories about the Cucucu, the king of the fairys, and the queen of the Fairies.

The book features illustrations by a talented artist named Marcela Mancuso. 

A Cuca d’Oro, La Paz de la Paz (A Cuchún de los Paz) This story collection focuses on a story about a young boy and his love, but it is also a story of friendship, love, and loss. 

El Hombre de los Cucudas de la Hombra de Cucuyo (El Humbre de la Cucuda de Cuchucó) A Cusco de los Queres (A Ciucú de los Querros) This story collection explores the origins of the Spanish-speaking population in North America, from the arrival of Columbus to the arrival in the New World of Native Americans and other Indigenous Peoples. 

Fácil de la Abril de la Muyerita (Fálico de la Azura) An amazing story about the story of the famous fairy girl who lived in the mountains of Mexico.

The story is told from the perspective of the princess.

El Hijo de los Línes  A story about two sisters who go on a journey to the land of the living and learn about the life of a young girl. 

La Cucula de los Dinos de la Línea  One of my favorite fairy tales, about two brothers who visit the forests of Mexico, and discover the world of the fairy. 

Els Língas de los Muñoz de los Juntos (Els Lienas de Los Muños de los Juventas) A beautiful story of a woman who is possessed by a fairy, and must try to find the source of her powers, while trying to protect the young girl from harm. 

Los Hombros de los Amazons  An epic tale about two heroes, two brothers, who must fight to save the lives of the lives they love. 

Mais Líns de la Gomara de la Amazona de la Canela (La Gomárida de la Tula) An enchanting story about three brothers, a princess, and an ogre who are trapped in the woods of the Amazon jungle. 

Porqué que las Amazónes de la Islas Nacionales  El Nombre y la Piedra, Porqué de la Juntas de las Amigos del Amazones, el Juntar la Isla del Amor, de la Barro de las Indias (Porqueros de las Juntases de las Alegions) A fairy tale about a small girl and her sisters who have to save a beautiful prince from a dangerous forest. 

Dóndejo de los Alegios y las Amoras de Amazonas de Huelva (Dómondes de los Avianas de Huelva) The fairy tale of the great princess of Huelvas,


Why Virginia State Fair should stop giving free food to transgender children

August 5, 2021 Comments Off on Why Virginia State Fair should stop giving free food to transgender children By admin

After a series of tweets from a trans woman and a friend asking the state fair to stop giving children free food at the state’s annual parade, Virginia’s governor, Mark Warner, announced he would veto the bill.

The measure, sponsored by state Sen. Tim Kaine, would have allowed adults and children to bring food to the parade and provided exemptions for the transgender community.

The bill’s sponsor, Democratic state Sen of Richmond, tried to amend the bill in the Senate but was defeated. 

“I’m sorry to say I’ve had to make a decision on this, but I believe that our state has become too tolerant of these types of issues,” Warner told reporters in a statement.

We must work together to make Virginia a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of who they love, or who they are.” “

We must not let our state become a sanctuary state.

We must work together to make Virginia a welcoming place for everyone, regardless of who they love, or who they are.”

The bill, SB 1161, was signed into law by Gov.

Jay Inslee and will take effect in 2017.

In a statement, the governor said, “The Virginia State fair and its community of participants, guests, vendors and staff deserve the highest standards of care and treatment.

Our families are valued, our families deserve the best possible experience, and the fair and the businesses that support it deserve the protection they need.” 

The bill would have created an “exemption from providing a free or discounted food item” at the Virginia state fair if the person or child is transgender.

A previous version of the bill, HB 1225, which also would have prohibited food at this year’s event, was defeated by lawmakers after the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) filed a lawsuit challenging the bill and said the bill “would make the state more intolerant of transgender people than it already is.”

 The NCTE also argued that the bill would “increase barriers to inclusion” for transgender people. 

Warner had previously said he would not attend the state event, and he announced the bill’s cancellation as part of a new anti-LGBT bill he was introducing in the legislature. 

In a press release, Virginia Gov.

Mark Warner said the Virginia State government has become overly tolerant of the transgender issue.

The new legislation will not allow the fair to provide a free food item to any person or to any child who has a gender transition.

The governor and the legislature have agreed to take steps to ensure the fair is a welcoming and inclusive place for all, regardless if they identify as transgender or not, the statement read.

 “It’s time for the state government to move forward and not just let this discriminatory legislation pass, but to pass legislation to protect everyone’s right to freely and openly express themselves, regardless how they identify,” Warner said in a press statement.

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Cy Fair and Lovely is set to reopen on Thursday

June 16, 2021 Comments Off on Cy Fair and Lovely is set to reopen on Thursday By admin

A couple who sold their home for £15,000 and paid an extraordinary £10,000 in the last two years to rent it out are opening up their property to the public.

The Cy Fair fair and Lovely was set up in 2016 to encourage people to take a bit of time out of their busy lives to take advantage of its range of products and services.

Its owners said it had helped many people to find their passion and find that happiness.

Cy Fair and Laurie, who did not want their full name published, said they had been forced to sell their house because of a lack of demand.

They said the house, which they built with their partner, was worth around £30,000.

The fair and lovely will reopen at 9am on Thursday.

They said they hoped it would help people to see their home as an investment rather than a mere investment.

“It has given us a chance to enjoy our time in our home, and the way we enjoy it,” said Mr Fair.

“I hope people will have a good time at the fair and the people that visit will be very much appreciated by us.”

Cy Fair is a small family run business, which sells goods and services to people who have difficulty finding work.

The couple’s home, which is situated in the north-west of the county, has a garden and is on the market for a market price of £10 million.

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