Missouri state fair fair: Alyssa Farley gets the job

Missouri state fair fair: Alyssa Farley gets the job

October 20, 2021 Comments Off on Missouri state fair fair: Alyssa Farley gets the job By admin

Missouri Gov.

Jay Nixon says he’s hiring a woman to lead the fair, after the governor called the appointment of an all-male fair board a “mistake” and “unprecedented.”

Nixon made the announcement Friday, saying the fair board will be led by a woman and that he will make all hiring decisions on merit.

The Fair Board will consist of an All-Mens Advisory Committee, an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Committee and a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, according to the announcement.

Nixon said he was seeking the appointment after “deeply concerned” about the recent decision by the Missouri Senate to remove the state fair from its schedule.

Numerous state and local fair board members have been calling for the fair to be moved to a more suitable venue, but the state Senate refused to consider a proposal that would have moved the fair from the state Capitol grounds to the Missouri Botanical Garden.

The Senate voted unanimously to remove all of the state’s state fairs from its calendar.

The state fair board was formed in 2013 to manage the fairs, and the board includes representatives from the Fair Housing Commission, Fair and Community Development Commission and the Missouri Attorney General’s Office.

Nancy Burdick, who is the chief executive officer of the Missouri Association of Broadcasters, said the board is “determined to make sure that our state fair remains the best, most diverse, most innovative and fun fair that Missouri has to offer.”

Burdick praised Nixon for appointing her to lead and said she is “a true progressive who understands that our fair is a great place to celebrate diversity.”

“I know that our Fair Board is committed to bringing all fairs to a greater level of quality and quality of life, and to doing so in a way that reflects Missouri’s values and the best interests of our fair visitors and employees,” Burdik said.

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