How the media can save the Trump family’s brand from its worst days

How the media can save the Trump family’s brand from its worst days

September 21, 2021 Comments Off on How the media can save the Trump family’s brand from its worst days By admin

Posted March 06, 2019 05:03:06The Trumps, the family’s namesake and namesake’s son, have become household names after a string of scandals that have rocked the family for decades.

The Trumps’ first daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, and former President Donald Trump Jr. are also major players.

On Thursday, Vanity Fair published an article titled, “How the media should save the Trumps brand from the worst days.”

In the article, writer Laura M. Lee says, “Ivanka Trump is a major player on the media.

She’s been a media darling since the election and is the face of her family’s empire.

She is the one who brought the Trump brand to the big screen in the first place.”

Lee says that Ivanka Trump has made “the most of her role as an elder stateswoman and is one of the few figures in the family who can stand in front of the cameras and tell stories that are both relatable and accessible.”

She writes, “This means she is the perfect choice for the role of an elder.”

As a brand ambassador, Ivanka Trump is known to speak out on behalf of her brand in the media, but she has also spoken about the challenges of running the family business.

In 2016, Ivanka spoke out about the dangers of sexism in the entertainment industry, saying, “Women are often put on pedestals and have to fight for their voices to be heard.

This is especially true in the field of entertainment, where women often are treated as disposable or disposable objects.”

In 2018, Ivanka became a spokesperson for the Ivanka Trump Foundation and a spokesperson on the White House’s Women’s Empowerment Initiative.

In 2020, she became the first woman to hold the position of CEO of the Trump Organization.

Lee says the Tramps “have always taken care of their own,” but the “media has always been a challenge.”

She adds that Ivanka has been working to help people understand the Trades and what they are doing for America.

“As an elder, she is uniquely qualified to address these issues,” Lee writes.

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