Why ‘The Black Lives Matter Movement’ is not racist

Why ‘The Black Lives Matter Movement’ is not racist

July 27, 2021 Comments Off on Why ‘The Black Lives Matter Movement’ is not racist By admin

A “Black Lives Matter” movement is not a racist movement, a former Democratic congressman told The Associated Press.

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner, a member of the House Democratic caucus, said he believes that the movement is driven by a desire to fight for justice for black Americans.

The former New York City mayor has been a vocal advocate of the Black Lives Movement.

A former presidential candidate, Weiner has previously said he is “very proud” of his support of the movement.

“Black Lives Matters is not about racial justice, it’s about the struggle for justice.

That is a movement, not a movement of any race, not any political party, not even a race, it is about justice for all Americans,” Weiner said in a statement.

“Black lives matter, not just those of black Americans who have been killed by police.

And we can do better.”

Weiner was speaking after the release of the first-ever “Black Agenda Report” on Black Lives Matters, which found that the organization is not racially driven.

The report’s findings came after a number of black activists were killed in the United States by police in recent years.

The Black Agenda Report was produced by The Black Agenda Project, which aims to build a national platform to advocate for policies that promote social justice and equality for all.

The organization is part of the Campaign for Black Lives, a nationwide network of activists and organizers who work to end police brutality.

The report was released Thursday and focuses on the deaths of five people by police officers in Chicago in the past three years.

It also said the Black Agenda Initiative, which was founded in 2007, has been instrumental in pressuring politicians to make changes to stop the killings.

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