When the Fair Oaks Hospital goes on sale for $6.4M

When the Fair Oaks Hospital goes on sale for $6.4M

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When the fair oaks hospitals, the largest in the state, opens to the public for the first time, it will bring a lot of excitement and hope for the area’s community.

“I am very excited about it,” said Larry Klay, who is the chief executive of the Fair Oak Hospital.

“The hospital is a very special place,” said Steve Jones, who owns the Fair Park Hospital, which is located at the north end of Fair Oaks.

The Fair Oaks Health Department, which has been operating at the hospital since 2003, has been struggling financially for years.

In 2017, it announced it would close for a second time.

The hospital had just over $8 million in reserves.

The hospital has a long-standing reputation for its care and its quality, according to the hospital’s chief financial officer, Michael O’Donnell.

He has seen patients at Fair Oaks hospital get treatment at an outpatient facility, including cancer patients and AIDS patients.

The state fair will be an important part of bringing the hospital back to life, said O’Connell.

“It’s not only a good thing to bring the hospital here,” he said.

“It’s a good, great opportunity for the hospital to grow.”

The Fair Oak Health Department has operated in the Fair Lakes area since 1972.

Its primary care physician is the founder of the hospital.

The Fair Oaks Medical Center, the other primary care facility, opened in 1970.