Wisconsin state fair: Warning, cy fair warning, cy isd

Wisconsin state fair: Warning, cy fair warning, cy isd

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Wisconsin is a state where the state fair is often a destination for visitors to the Midwest, but this year, some of those visitors will be heading to Wisconsin’s cy fair, which is expected to host nearly 40,000 visitors and be the largest fair in the country.

The fair opens Friday.

Wisconsin Fairgoers: Cy Fair Is Coming to Your State Fair ParkCy Fair is coming to your state fair park.

The state fair will have its biggest, most ambitious fair ever and a fair warning.

It will be the first of its kind in Wisconsin, with a full-scale fair warning that includes an array of exhibits, including live music, food, a costume contest, an auction house, and more.

Cy Fair will be a massive show with more than 150 pavilions, a full stage, a pavilion of entertainment, and an amphitheater.

The Fair will also have a fair field where participants can compete in a variety of events, including horse-racing, a dog race, horse-taming, and even a horse-show.

The field is being designed by Wisconsin architect John Wiegert.

CyFair is expected, but not yet officially scheduled, to run for about three months.

The first weekend will begin at 7 a.m. and will run until the fair closes at 11 p.m., according to the fair’s website.

The Wisconsin Fair will host a number of events that are designed to highlight the state’s history and culture, including the state-wide holiday, the state of Wisconsin’s 150th anniversary, and the annual fair on April 15.

The fair will be one of the largest events in Wisconsin history.

In addition to the large pavilion with live entertainment, there will also be a large-scale live music venue and an art exhibit called The Art of Wisconsin, featuring works by local artists.

It’s the first time a state fair has hosted a large art exhibition, according to a statement from the Wisconsin Fair Association.

The Wisconsin Fair, which started in 1921 and was the first Wisconsin fair to feature live music in a large stage, will host more than 140 paviliances, including a pavilience of the state music hall and a pavillon of musical entertainment.

It will be another big day for the state, as the fair opens the third week of April, the day after Memorial Day.

The opening weekend will include the Wisconsin-Michigan-Indiana state fairs, as well as the first major rodeo in Wisconsin in nearly three decades.

The State Fair will feature live entertainment and a variety shows, including an all-day horse-race and a live music festival.

This year, the Wisconsin state equestrian championship will be held, with the winner competing for a spot on the state horse-running champion.

The rodeo also will feature the top horse-rider in the state.

The event is open to the public.

In addition to live entertainment at the fairgrounds, a fair pavilion will host live music performances.

Also, an outdoor amphitheatre will feature a live entertainment stage.

This is the first year a state-level rodeo will be offered at the state level, according the fair association.

The state fairwill have a large pavilion with live music.

Also the state equetrian championship and a rodeo.

The State Fair, located in West Allis, is a multi-purpose venue.

In the past, the fair has been known for its horse racing, with two horse races and a four-day event.

The equestrians, in addition to other activities, will be on hand to support local businesses, according WiegERT, who has worked on numerous state fair projects.

Cyfair will be in full swing this year and will feature more than 100 paviliences, including five pavilitudes of live entertainment.

There will be several events scheduled for the fair including the annual Fair on the Lake in May, the National Horse Festival in August, and its annual World’s Fair, with more events planned.

The annual fair will also include a parade and carnival and the opening of a new pavilion.

The Fair on Lake will be located at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds.

In 2014, WiegARTER was selected as the winner of the $15 million grant to develop a new state fair in West Allegany, Wisconsin, and build a new facility on Lake Shore Drive.